Welcome to my blog.  I’m particularly fanatical about planners, planning, stationery, planning, washi tape, stickers and planning (did I mention planning?).  I have a lovely Filofax collection (small but perfectly formed I believe).  Here I share thoughts about all of the above plus other relevant(ish) things I feel might be interesting. I’m an over 40 mother of one, who probably should be more organised given the number of planners I own.  My favourite planner item is stickers. You can see my sticker supply from space, it’s that big.

I am on the design team for Your World of Colour (Planitzoe15 for 15% off over £8) and Katie’s Sticker Company (Planitzoe for 20% off over £8) on Etsy.

I am also an advocate for the CraftyBonBons box which is available from BonBonsKawaii on Etsy and is a collaboration with Crafty Ali.

All views are my own.

Any items featured have been purchased by me with my own money, unless otherwise stated.

I am open to writing honest reviews for any items.  Please contact me on Planitzoe@yahoo.com to discuss.



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