Perfect Hobonichi Mega Weeks Cover

It feels a bit samey to write long time no post but hey, it’s true! This blog includes information about an item that was gifted to me. However I categorically would not share any item I did not 100% recommend. I have not been asked to write this blog review. I really love the cover and want to share with the planner community. It’s hard to find nice Hobonichi covers so I would love to tell people about this one.

I wrote a while back about planner peace and I can honestly say I am very peaceful in the system I currently have. I was extremely lucky to be at the UK Planner Addicts Big Meet 2019. I received an international version Erin Condren Life Planner in vertical. I used one back in 2016/17 then changed to a Recollections coiled as I couldn’t justify the cost. I purchased another Recollections ready for 2019 but sold it on when I received an Erin Condren from a very kind friend. This was then moved on to another lovely friend once I received the surprise EC at TBM. The Erin Condren planner is my “sticker book”, where I use the gorgeous kits and stickers giving me so much pleasure and relaxation making beautiful spreads.


My every day carry is a Hobonichi Mega Weeks in denim. I used a Hobonichi weeks for the first time last year (2018) and stayed in it all year. I absolutely love it. It’s perfect to carry around, I can choose to decorate or not and I’m am obsessed with the tomoe river paper! I purchased a fabric cover for it last year from Lyra and Co which has been fantastic. However….I still hanker after the lusciousness of my pocket Filofax Malden. I just love a leather cover, the softer the better. I have been looking at various options for some time include Galen Leather and Chic Sparrow. However I was unsure about purchasing a cover that I couldn’t feel the leather on first. I just like it soft like the leather on the ochre Malden.

My fellow Your World of Colour PR girl Emma recommended I look at an Etsy store called RKive Journals. She advised that Dyanna was happy to help customise any designs and source the leather to your needs. I lusted over her Instagram and Etsy for many months.

As luck would have it, Dyanna got a late ticket to the UK Planner Addicts Big Meet and I began messaging her on Facebook about a Hobonichi cover. She sourced some beautiful Italian leather that she thought would meet my needs and brought a sample with her. It was perfect and oh my goodness…it smelt amazing (I know you know what I mean haha.) She is also a very lovely lady and planner mad of course.

We resumed messaging after the meet and she very kindly offered to gift me my planner cover if I would support her little shop. I won the award for Biggest Enabler at the Big Meet so I guess people like my recommendations! Having met her and seen some of her beautiful pieces I agreed.


Despite some pretty iffy descriptions and drawings from me, when the cover arrived I was stunned. It is absolutely beautiful. The attention to detail on the wrapping was so lovely. Who doesn’t love a wax seal! Each cover also comes with a cotton dust bag.


My mega weeks fits in it exactly. I asked for a popper closure as I am not a fan of the TN style band closure. I also had two full-length pockets inside the front cover and a secretarial in the back. I still carry around lots of stickers and samplers as I am eternally afraid of being caught out with “no sticker for that!” Despite me stuffing it, the cover closes perfectly.


Not since I got my Malden have I stroked and smelt my planner so often. It’s honestly stunning and I am so glad I found Dyanna’s shop. I highly recommend looking at her shop and do get in touch with her if you want something specific. She is very clever at interpreting mad planner person waffling and her work is superb.


I am looking forward to seeing my cover mature with use. Sometimes I pop it on my desk at work just so I get that occasional waft of the leather. I have begun to create memory keeping spreads in a standard sized TN on Tomoe river paper inserts. It’s currently in a cover from Ink Bandits but I am seriously considering getting a cover from RKive for it in the future. She also makes gorgeous bookmarks, charms and watercolour field cases amongst other things.


My fellow Your World of Colour PR girl Sam has also written a blog post about the BuJo cover she and Dyanna created. You can read about that here.

Dyanna is also launching a leather TN sub box. The first ever R-Kive Leather Subscription Box. Leather planners and journals are beautiful luxury item. Sign up to an R-Kive Planner Subscription Box, these boxes will come out once every 3 months. Sign up to one box or every box the choice is yours. Inside this first box is 1x leather B6 TN with secretarial pocket and popper pocket, 4x inserts, 1x charm bookmark, 1x charm, 1x pen and one cotton logo carry bag. Total cost of all these items is in excess of £85 to buy individually. The subscription box is yours for 3 monthly payments of just £20 plus £6 postage U.K. (worldwide available upon request). If you are interested please message Dyanna on her Etsy page.


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