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Hi All

My prompt to write this post was from a blogger group I am in on Facebook.  It was asking about the decline in the number of planner related blog posts.  It got me thinking about how I peruse the world of planners and my personal preferences.

I read little in the way of blogs, which is a shame.  There are some fantastic ones out there. If I do, it is usually as a result of seeing a link in a Facebook group or Instagram post.  I realised that I have a preference for Facebook planner related groups (I have a couple I frequent and a few I dip in and out of).  I also spend time every day on Instagram as I have a planner specific profile (@Planitzoe).  Here I follow Etsy stores I like and it also prompts me to them Google or search for items I am interested in which on occasion leads me to a blog or Pinterest.  Finally I also follow several YouTube planner accounts that post video’s regularly.

As a lady with a blog, I then started to think about what has stopped me begin a more regular blogger myself.  I enjoy writing, so why don;t I post at least once a week.  So my key thoughts were as follows.

Images – I personally feel that images are key to an interesting blog.  My preferred sensory cue is Visual and I am certainly drawn more to images (Instagram, YouTube) than just words.  This means I believe my blogs should all have good, interesting, clear and professional images in it.  I don’t have a great set up to take pictures, and find it easier to snap on my phone or iPad.  I have looked into apps that I can use on either to enhance them images but I never feel they are up to my personal standards.  I don’t get time to pull out the DSLR, I don’t own lights and being British rarely get enough natural light!  I’m not invested enough to buy light boxes etc.  So the thought of trying to take, edit and load suitable images is the time eater in my world and puts me off.

Subject matter – generally I write about things I think people want to read.  Sometimes these are not the things I want to talk about.  This is most likely lack of clarity on what I want my blog to be, for who and what purpose.  I feel that I need to re-purpose my blog to just what I want to ramble about planner related.  But, if it’s boring and nobody reads it, what is the point?!

ROI – to the point above, what should the return on my invested time be?  I know some people seem to blog purely for the opportunity to receive items to promote, but that’s not mu purpose.  I want to help people in the world of planners learn more about it.  Guide new people by sharing my learning.  Promote the pleasure of paper based planning in a world that is digital and virtual obsessed.  Finally to connect with like minded people and share in the pleasure of planning.

Frequency – this links in some ways to the images issue.  If I allowed myself to literally pop in and write a quick post without having to think about some of the above, I’m pretty sure I would post more often.

If you are still reading, congratulations and thank you!  You waded through a text heavy, image free, planner related ramble!  To this point, I would really appreciate your thoughts on this.

How do you indulge virtually in the planner world?

What are your thoughts on images?

What should a planner blog’s purpose be?

Which planner related blogs have you regular readership?

What subjects do you enjoy the most?

Ramble over, have an awesome week.  I hope your plans come to fruition and your rings stay gap free  😉



5 thoughts on “Exploring the Planner World

  1. I liked this post!
    I do like to see images, but I get put off sometimes by purely pretty pages. I like them, and even do some myself, but I am most interested in how people use their planner on a daily basis to get stuff done.
    In terms of videos, I like short videos more than long ones. Two to three minutes is brilliant, five is not too bad, but those twenty-five minute long videos? I don’t have time! I want a quick dip in.
    In blog posts, I like to read about new planners and inserts, but mostly how people are using their planners.


    • 😀 5 minutes videos? I like to watch them – never saw any in planner theme 😀 – and making? I cannot imagine. I try always not speak too much, but I’m somewhere at 20 mins always… what kind of videos can you imagine in less then 5 minutes? setup? little themes in planning?


  2. I consume planner media mostly through Instagram. It is such a visual thing, and a lot of people out there are just in it for how pretty things look anyway. I am a more functional planner so to me, blogs can be a good source of information.

    I think that there are phone cameras out there that take good enough photos for use in a blog. If you are a professional blogger and your main income is your blog then I think you are expected to get photos and other images “right”. For someone like me, and everyday amateur of making greeting cards, I find my camera photos are enough. I don’t want to get lost in getting that perfect, styled photo. tbh I would rather be enjoying creating something than styling a photo. I want making the product to be the challenge and joy, and not have that diminished by trying to take a perfect photo. Thanks to Instagram we have both very high expectations of photos of the everyday, and also a the realization that a lot of work goes in to those photos. They are not always genuine representations.

    All I really want from a planner blog is for the writer to be genuine. It could be about a specific planner, how they are using something, a new product they are looking forward to, how they found a new use for an item but as long as they are genuine it will keep me reading.

    I think yours is one of the only planner blogs I read. I discovered I don’t like blog aggregators. I like DIY the most I think. I love seeing the creativity of others.

    Take care 🙂


    • Thank you. This is an insightful and useful comment. I want my blog to be about me and my planners. It’s hard not to feel you need to come up to a certain standard. I think I should trust my voice and just do my thing! Xx

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  3. No images? I mostly don’t read the post. The pictures helps me decide if the post is interesting for me or not. I don’t want “perfect” pictures. I want pictures tell me a lot. even if they are a little burry or something similar. I like mostly blogposts about peoples opinion, thoughts, journey in planning. How they do. I’m not interested about unboxing, planner reviews, pretty pages. I also don’t like the “magazin-like” titles like ” 10 fantastic something for blablabla” and writing simple and well known things. I find more interesting problems and the ways looking for a solution. that makes me thinking. Unfortunately these type of posts are rear. 😦


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